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Living Heart


- with Talasi


My path is the path of the 

Living Heart.

This is an invitation to walk along with me. 



Trainings, retreats, workshops, online courses etc. offered by  Leadership of Light School.. 

Art by Deva Talasi

Beautiful ceremonies celebrations in honoring of life's

Sacred transitions.

Art by Deva Talasi

Embodying the miracle of you through heart-opening dance, music and meditation. A beautiful way to experience your true creativity.

Art by Deva Talasi
Art by Deva Talasi

Talasi  is by profession and heart,  a workshopleader, ceremony holder, spiritual guide, and a global networker dedicated to her path of the Living Heart.

She is also a woman and Soul dedicated to supporting others to find their true way of their hearts too.


She has often been called a "spiritual midwife", as one of her strong abilities is exactly to help others to birth and embody their soul's inner expression and purpose on Earth.

She is a mystic of heart and is trained and inspired by many different spiritual traditions and teachers from all over the world.


As a guide and workshop leader, she is very inspired by the wisdom of these teachings. In co-creation with her own intuitive and creative connection to the wisdom of here and now.Talasi has created a unique alchemy in service of opening to the Living Heart's inner wisdom, creativity and self love , for those who are called to work with her.


Talasi has a special ability for guiding and creating ceremonial space, she has travelled the world with her deep, joyful and heart opening Heartdance.

Talasi is now offering life transition ceremonies at her magical Living Heart Sanctuary, as well as providing guided wedding ceremonies or other life ceremonies at a location of your choice.


The most recent chapter in Talasi's life is the birthing of her new Leadership of Light Training. The purpose of this training is to  gather light-minded souls in support of each other in walking the path of their own Living Heart, embodying their Souls purpose as a light worker on Earth, in this very special time of transition. 


Talasi's Heart is the heart of a Light worker, and her path is to rise in Love together with Sisters and Brothers with the same longings.


Read more about Talasi here :

Deva Talasi


The path of the Living Heart is right before our feet

Let's walk it together !

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Living Heart
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