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Artwork by Talasi Janinna


Of Light 


Allow your own heart to love you like no one has ever loved you before. That is true Leadership of Light!



You, my beloved soul warrior; my brave way-shower of a world of love - this is my special gift to you:

A wonderful, powerful coming together of kindred hearts and creative spirits over the course of 9 months. We gather together with the purpose of mastering the art of the living heart, bringing forth, exploring and celebrating the leader of Light within.

I know you have walked a magical path, and a demanding one too. It hasn't always been easy - and it wasn't always meant to be, either.

Now, the time is finally yours to freely express your divine, creative powers - and to receive the loving guidance in fully accepting your role as a Leader of Light; that, which you have been preparing for through all of your life. The time is yours to receive the supportive witnessing, companionship and acknowledgment of those, who, just like you, are emerging as Leaders of Light.


Come with me! Join me for these incredible and celebratory 9 months as I hold an open-hearted space and guide us onto this great adventure, exploring what it means to be a Leader of Light in a human body today. Let us join forces as ambassadors for an authentic, healthy life on Earth. Let us express and create with light: let us dance and play and sing with love as the way-showers we are. 


Let us be Leaders of Light!

With Love,


Do you feel it in your heart:

That we are destined for another way of living - another path? That now, we are finally finding our way back to that path; that, which we call our true Creative Nature?


Do you feel it, beloved?


We’re finding our way back to being Leaders of Light; to being the wings that lift each other up, and the roots that allow us to reach the sky. We are the living hearts that connect; fearlessly, gracefully, no questions asked. We are the voices that sing and arms that reach out, to fully touch and hold each other. To embrace each other and the deep, inner knowing that Love is all there is and ever was. We are the children that play with no concern for right or wrong.


I know you feel it too, beloved.


Let us walk this blessed path 

Let us awaken and walk together as Leaders of Light, and co-create the life we were always destined to live. A life in open-hearted, living, beating Love.




An Adventure Into The Great Unknown 

In many ways, our journey of Leadership of Light is like one of the great, old fairytales: An adventure into the great unknown, full of magic, wonders and ever-lasting love. It is full of fears, tasks and challenges to be overcome with authenticity, innocence and creativity. And then, of course, it has you - our wonderful hero or heroine stepping onto the Path of your Living Heart, where every single step you take is one of coming closer to the Love that lives within - come what may! It is a wonderful, playful journey into the creative and authentic self-expression that defines the kind of leadership that is based in Love. That, which we call: Leadership of Light. 

Wisdom Of The Now

Like in the fairytales, we will set out with a roadmap, composed of what you might call our "Guiding Themes". Like beacons of light, these themes are the checkpoints that help us navigate through our great adventure, and will give you an idea of our direction. However, at the end of the day, only the Wisdom of the Here & Now knows exactly where and how we'll fare. How these themes are formed and expressed in detail is entirely in the hands of the Divine. One thing is certain, though: We are going to sing and dance and play and have a lot of fun!

Into The Unknown: Way Of The Artist - And Of God

In essence, being a Leader of Light means: Allowing the Divine to come into free creative expression through your human self. For this simple, yet fundamental reason, the path to becoming a Leader of Light must be shaped in the exact same way: Allowing God to guide us through this magnificent adventure - and through life itself -without knowing exactly how or where or why in advance.

We talk about mastering the 'Art of Living in Love' as the way of the Leader of Light. We talk about 'the Art of the True You', 'the Art of Prayer, the Art of Relating and the Art of Dying. You could say that Leadership of Light is really about mastering the Way of the Artist: Allowing God to take over and come into full and free expression for the pleasure, inspiration and uplifting of all!

The time is now for honoring and acknowledging the Leader of Light the is you


Initiation of the Heroes Journey

Entering Earth

Soul Contract

Vows & Intentions

Seed of the soul




Freja's Sal Sanctuary
Deva Talasi

You are a Leader of Light. You are an ambassador for a greater life on Earth. You are a warrior of the heart. But above all, you are the most magnificent human being.

The Historic Danish Countryside: 6 Lovely Retreats

The Leadership of Light Adventure is set in the land of fairytales. For every guiding theme, we will retreat to the lush and beautiful countryside of Hans Christian Andersen's Denmark - to the island of Langeland. Here, we are going to dive into the wisdom of our topics on a beautiful piece of wild land, near the beach of the Baltic Sea, surrounded by the tall and stoic trees that whisper stories of ancient strength and magnificence in the wind.

Please note: The Leadership of Light Adventure is held in English.


Langeland is located in the historic part of Southern Denmark, where once the Danish national anthem was given to poet Adam Oehlenschläger. In his lyrics, he sings the praise of Freja - the norse goddess of beauty, love and death. It is in none other than her magnificent hall, we are going to do our work.

Retreat Address

Frejas Sal

Snagestræde 1

5953 Tranekær


Retreat Dates

Throughout the 9 months of our adventure, we are going to meet for a total of 6 retreats - one for every guiding theme.

The dates are as follows:

September 27 - 30, 2018

November 29 - December 2, 2018

January 10 - 13, 2019

March 7 - 10, 2019

May 16 - 20, 2019

June 13 - 16, 2019

On the first day of the retreat, we meet at 5pm CET. Retreats end at approximately 3pm of the last day.

For every retreat, there will be singing, dancing, walks in nature, meditation, yoga, prayers, circle sharings 

- and occasionally, inspiring guest teachers.

This could easily be the best time of your life.

You choose.

We are the living hearts that connect.

Fearlessly, gracefully, no questions asked

A Sacred Online Space For Bi-Montly Connections

For the sake of "keeping the fire alive" and nurturing our sacred work, we are going to connect via Zoom, an online video conference room, in-between retreats. These meetings, which will be held every two weeks, are just as essential to the journey as the physical retreats. They will serve as an online teaching space, as well as give us the wonderful opportunity to share and reflect on what it means to be a Leader of Light in the grittiness of everyday life.

We will be meeting online: 

Every Second Wednesday at 8pm CET,

starting 10 October, 2018

The Circle Of Love​: A Sacred Container

The Leadership of Light is a journey for the brave. We will all have taken many courageous steps before coming together, and yet this journey holds a deeper invitation still: The 9 months we are going to spend together will take us into the yet unknown territories of our true, creative soul expression - of our inner leadership. It brings to our collective attention the little secrets we have stowed away and wrapped up in guilt and shame - so that we may love them up and light them up, and finally find our peace with them, one at the time.


That kind of work requires a sacred container, and we call it: The Circle of Love. It is made of dedication, wisdom, courage, friendship, support, creativity, privacy and authentic self-expression. Throughout the journey, it is expanded through prayer and devotion, for the simple reason that prayer and devotion are the highest kind of medicine known to man.

A Divine Point Of Entry

The Circle of Love allows us to bear witness to everything that is, and transform it with love. It is the prerequisite for feeling safe in entering into this sacred work. It is the divine entry point of our journey, and that which will carry us all the way into true Leadership of Light. 

Art by Deva Talasi

Leadership of Light is happening in an intimate co-creation with the Universe

Come with me, beloved

Let us explore with the power of love, and venture deep into our core. What are the hopes and dreams you carry within for a brighter world? What are your strengths and wonderful gifts that will turn those dreams into a new reality, for you and the world around you - right now? What does it mean, what does it take for you to be a Leader of Light?


Let us come together and explore what it means to be an everyday-, human ambassador of a bright and loving world. Like a great and graceful artist of life, let us dance and sing and laugh and play and paint and walk and share! Let us do everything that feeds the soul and makes us happy; let us remember the magic of being a soulful human. Let us be Leaders of Light.


Let us find the courage 

Let us embrace our shadows so that once and for all, they too ‘come home’. Let us embrace our deepest wounds with the power of love - for the sake of our own hearts, and for the hearts of all. Let us support each other in facing our fears with tenderness and sweet forgiveness. Let us be Leaders of Light.


And let us hold space for each other to birth ourselves as the guardians of the world we know in our hearts to be true. A world of compassion, forgiveness, wisdom and love. Let us create a space for us to act as symbolic midwives, assisting each other in rising from the ashes, and into the power of love.


Let us be Leaders of Light.




Shared & Private Accommodation

The beautiful Frejas Sal offers different types of accommodation, and prices for the Leadership of Light Adventure vary accordingly. You can choose between​ the communal sleeping areas, a shared accommodation with two and three single beds, or a private bedroom with a single bed (limited availability on a first-come, first-serve basis).

Below are the rates for the Adventure with the different types of accommodation.

9 Months Leadership Of Light

With Communal Accommodation: DKK 27,000


9 Months Leadership of Light 

With Shared Accommodation: DKK 28,800


9 Months Leadership of Light

With Private Accommodation: DKK 32,400

All prices are in Danish Kroner, and include all meals, coffee, tea, snacks. Also included in the price are all teachings, bi-monthly online guidance and one personal session with Talasi in the course of the 9 months.

One Month's Deposit And You're Good To Go

To reserve your spot, all you need to do is fill out the form with your personal details and your desired type of accommodation (please provide this in the message field).


You will then receive an invoice corresponding to one month's deposit of the entire Leadership of Light Adventure, e.g.:


DKK 3,000 with communal accommodation 

DKK 3,200 with shared accommodation

DKK 3,400 with private accommodation

The payment of the remainder of the price is due no later than 22 September, 2018.


If you wish to set up a payment plan, please contact Talasi. 


A 9-Month Inner Leadership Adventure Beginning


September 2018 

The deeper you choose to love yourself,

the more magic life will bring you.