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A  Living Heart Sanctuary

Living Heart Sanctuary is exactly what the name suggests- 

a Living Heart sanctuary.


It is placed in pristine nature, on the beautiful island  of “Langeland,  in the  south of Denmark.


This peaceful located sanctuary, also carry the name "Frejas Sal”, which means “ The hall of Freja”.


The island Langeland emanate with ancient viking stories about Freja, the Nordic Goddess of Love, death, fertility and abundance, and all over the island, you'll find sacred ceremonial places from the ancient times, where she was worshipped. 


Frejas sal is an old “ skovriddergård” ( meaning : farm of the forest knights )  framed by one hektar of garden and wild land, calling for co-creation and creativity with gardening, permaculture, sustainability projects, sacred spots, cabins, playgrounds and much more. Around the land is old forests, ocean sides and farmland.

This Living Heart Sanctuary is place absolutely undisturbed in nature, and therefore make up the perfect physical nest for heart awakening retreats, framed with meditation, devotional music, singing, dancing and out door ceremonies of many kinds.


The Vision :


 Talasi bought Frejas Sal in April 2017, with the vision of creating a new place on Earth for the awakening of the Living Heart.. A peaceful and powerful oasis in wild nature, where mind-lighted brothers and sisters  can meet and grow and contribute to more love, light and healing on Earth.

A place where new and old friends can support and uplift each other into a powerful living of the Heart, what ever it takes. 


A place that gives space for each soul to unfold in its own unique ways,in a sweet co-creating with other soul brothers and sisters…


A place that can contribute to embody the new paradigm consciousness in the world,

on many levels.


A place to RISE and SHINE together.


The practical vision of Living Heart Sanctuary, Frejas sal, is to be like "a Home of the Heart" in many different ways. It is ment to be a home for a smaller community, where friends can live together for shorter or longer time,co-creating inside and outside, in heartfilled interaction.Also it is ment to be like an ekstra country home for people to build a cabin, or put up a caravan or tipi,with the possibility of creating an own sacred nature garden around it, and to part-take in community life together.


Beside that , a home for people for a shorter stay, participating in love celebrating gatherings.



Art by Deva Talasi



For more information about the retreats and specific dates, please contact Talasi. and check in on Frejas Sal Facebook page 

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