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Artwork by Talasi Janinna


A midwife of the Living Heart

in Leadership of  Light

Talasi Janinna is by profession and heart,  a workshopleader, ceremony holder, spiritual guide, and a global networker dedicated to her path of the Living Heart.

She is also a woman and Soul dedicated to supporting others to find their true way of their hearts too.


She has often been called a "spiritual midwife", as one of her strong abilities is exactly to help others to birth and embody their soul's inner expression and purpose on Earth.

She is a mystic of heart and is trained and inspired by many different spiritual traditions and teachers from all over the world.


As a guide and workshop leader, she is very inspired by the wisdom of these teachings. In co-creation with her own intuitive and creative connection to the wisdom of here and now.Janinna has created a unique alchemy in service of opening to the Living Heart's inner wisdom, creativity and self love , for those who are called to work with her.


Talasi Janinna has a special ability for guiding and creating ceremonial space, she has travelled the world with her deep, joyful and heart opening Heartdance.

Janinna is now offering life transition ceremonies at her magical Living Heart Sanctuary, as well as providing guided wedding ceremonies or other life ceremonies at a location of your choice.


The most recent chapter in Talasi Janinna's life is the birthing of her new Leadership of Light Training. The purpose of this training is to  gather light-minded souls in support of each other in walking the path of their own Living Heart, embodying their Souls purpose as a light worker on Earth, in this very special time of transition. 


JTalasi's Heart is the heart of a Light worker, and her path is to rise in Love together with Sisters and Brothers with the same longings.


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»I think it's so interesting how you can go through very deep stuff within, and then at the same time, shine your light at its brightest. I love that about this path of awakening we are on. To me, that is the essence of the Living Heart.


We can always find our way home to the light, to the heart, again, and again, and again… it's always right here. And when the next wave comes in, boom! We're faced with our ultimate fear, and in that very moment, at the same time. invited into our brightest light .


Right then in that moment, something completely magical happens. It's love. It's the living art of life - and the art of living life. We remember this path, this magic, because we are all life's artists. We are Leaders of Light, and we will never really forget«.



In my early thirties, I left my theatre work in Denmark to join the spiritual world in India, and found my way to the ashram of Indian Master, Osho, in Poona. The years I spent in Poona were a time of great inspiration and personal growth – and a sense of finally feeling at home. Here, all “expressions of soul” were consciously connected to wisdom and spiritually, and pieces of the big puzzle started coming together in a deep and meaningful way for me.


Later on, I conceived a child of my own, a truly magical little boy, and a new chapter as a single mother traveling the world began. My soul was called to join the Sufis, and the beautiful Sufi master, Pir Vilayat. Here, the joy of expressing my soul and inner magic through dancing - Heart Dance - entered my life. I stayed with the Sufis for many years, and later became the initiator and co-creator of the Living School of Mystery in Sweden alongside American Sufi teacher, Derk Loeks, from whom I learned about the ancient wisdom of the mystery schools.


Throughout my travels, I have participated in countless retreats, trainings, wisdoms schools, inner journeys, and ceremonies, and hasve been in satsang with many awakened teachers all over the world.



Now inthe prime of my life, I see myself as a ceremony holder, Heart Dance facilitator, wisdom guide, spiritual midwife, workshop leader, personal coach, international networker and speaker – and lately, as the founder and owner of Freja's Sal Living Heart Sanctuary, the beautiful location for my Modern School of Mystery. As such, Freja's Sal is a spiritual, creative community with the purpose of bringing hearts together for a greater life on earth. A life lived in love, wisdom, freedom, awakening, joy, and creativity. A life in peaceful coexistence with nature as the main guide.


However, above all, I see myself as a creative human being, a woman, mother, sister, daughter  and a friend with an open heart. A lover of life and the magical being within – that, which I also call: The true Leader of Light.

Artist of Life

She walks through life like an artist:

Dedicated to exploring her capacity to love and connect with herself and others through meaningful, authentic self-creation.

Regardless of the curveballs life has thrown her way, she's never lost touch with her innate ability to create a life with magic, love and beauty.

With her playful and loving being, her sense of effortless wonder and the ability to connect with the hearts of others, she emerges as an curious child in a wise woman's body. In essence, her presence is an open invitation into the playful art of life itself. To become the artist of one's own life.

Please meet Janinna Talasi:

Universal Daughter, ,Midwife of the Living Heart, Woman, Mother nn and Artist of Life.

Her Path of The Living Heart


Remember you are a living heart

The Living Heart School , can’t be described in words, you have to experience it. It`s about life itself, about play, love, movements, transformation and wisdom. Talasi has a Godgiven gift, to take us to the direct experience of the Living Heart. It`s a fantastic journey, that is transcending us all, as individuals, and as a group together.
Karsten Skjoldhøj

I am thanking and humbly bowing from my Heart , for all what you and “The Living Heart Training “,

has given me. This can not be expressed with words, but only experienced in body, mind and soul”.


Deva Talasi, in a wonderful way, with words, song, music, dance, prayer, meditation and versatile exercises, opens our hearts,

so we are able to give and receive the very best, most beautiful, difficult, vulnerable simple and strongest in the world : LOVE !
Anette Berg

Tak, Talasi for dit mod til at stå op for lyset og gå forrest.
Tak for at være fyldt med betingelsesløs kærlighed. Jeg har lært så meget af dig. Du har fået mig til at indse at der er andre måder at takle livet på. Du ser altid lyset i andre og nye muligheder på en meget kreativ måde. Denne planet har virkelig bruge for mennesker som dig”.
Tidligere Living Heart deltager, Britta

"Falling in Love with One self, is like an never-ending love affair with Life.
Life is your inner Beloved, eager to be in service for your wildest dreams to come true.
The deeper you Love your self, the more the universe will affirm your worth.
Every heartbeat and every breath is Life`s affirmation to you,
 that you are loved, worthy, wanted and highly appreciated.
You don’t have to look outside your self.


You are "A LIVING HEART ! “

Janinna Talasi