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OPEN Leadership of Light Gathering Retreat 13. - 15. september 2019


If you have a calling in your heart to belong to a beautiful family of like minded souls, on a guided journey into your own inner Leadership of Light and embodiment of your soul, then this is an invitation to tough base at our open gathering in September, before you commit to a one year journey that starts in January 2020.

It is definitely no longer an option to hold back your light and wisdom from the world..


As I see it, it is MORE than high time for ALL of us
to step into a higher version of ourselves, hand in hand,
with self-love and total self- embrace as our guide.

There is no time to waste with sharing our light. 
The 11th hour has already passed .
There is only one answer to everything now, 
and that is to live the LOVE

This is THE time to see and to be the light we are, 
and this is THE time to bring our heart connected wisdom
into action in everything we do, as a support for these intense changing times we now are facing on this beautiful planet we live on.

Let us be HER Ambassadors of Light and Love, 
to the very best of our abilities.
Let us be part of the solution.

We do NOT need to be perfect to do this.
We can be perfectly imperfect humans, 
still with a lot to heal and learn, and at the same time
And the Leaders of Light we are..

We can be a work in progress and a Masterpiece simultaneously .

Therefore I also can no longer postpone calling in
a "Family of Light..
It is time for me to finally birth the
" Leadership of Light School “
that I have been pregnant with for more than 3 years now…
And have created a magical home for… 

Therefore I am inviting you to  an open Leadership of Light Adventure here at Frejas Sal,
on Langeland, for all of you who feel that you, in these changing time on Earth , 
could benefit from being a part of a strong, heartcentered ,healing , transforming, creative,

deep wisdom guided family.  

A family of hearts that together will take a profound journey into your own inner unique
Leadership of Light, in a committed one year training, starting up with two open intro gatherings

in Autumn 2019. 

 My beautiful Sanctuary : Frejas Sal,

in the midst of a pristine nature with forest and ocean, 
will be the womb from where we will birth our Souls into its true purpose 
and beautiful unique expression, to be a part of the solution in the birthing of a NEW EARTH.

That is what we came to be , and we are ALL VERY important pieces in the big puzzle.

I am inviting you to take your soul gifts seriously, to wake up to your own inner love for your self, to balance your inner male and female energies, to explore your hidden creativity, to learn how to listen to your heart

and how to gain courage to follow it, to embrace your own pain and to be responsible for your projections, to celebrate your devotional heart, to find your own way of meditating, creating, praying, moving, to melt in togetherness in vulnerability , transparence and support, to play, to co-create with nature, and to share who ever you are, when ever you are, and MUCH MUCH more.

This journey I am pregnant with is SO ready to birth, and I am full of inspiration and ideas for what we will experience together, and at the same time knowing that this journey has its own wisdom and will show us its own way step by step.. Therefore I cant give you a program, and therefore this mysterious journey is calling for souls ready for an adventure where we go with the flow together….

This is a MYSTERY SCHOOL .. What will happen ONLY GOD KNOWS…. And I am inspired :-)

So much more to tell....
BUT, best of all if you feel a calling in your heart, 
come come and feel for real..

This is a matter of the Living Heart.

More info will come out, but bottom line is that this training, when a committed group at min 14 hearts are signed up, will be a one year around the sun journey, with ca 8 retreats on Langeland, and meetings on zoom call in between the actual retreats….

The journey will start up with two open gatherings here in the Autumn, and then we will travel on in a committed proces together from January 2020.

The frame of the journey will be ceremonial, and always full of dance, singing, sharing, meditations, prayers, wisdom guidance and deep and beautiful heart opening exercises.

Also the nature will play an important role in our healing proces together.
Some of the retreat gatherings will also be gusted by inspiring guest teachers/friends and musicians.

If you feel a call in your heart, and would love to hear more, please feel free to read more about it,
And also feel free to contact me.

Practicals :

Dates : 13-15 September 2019.

Price : This weekend has a special intro price at 2900 DDK,
including food and accommodation.

When you book at : love@livingheart.dk you pay a deposit at 1500 DDK to secure your space.. You will receive an welcome mail with practical information.

Please also book on Facebook, as I will keep you posted with inspiration, photos and info.
You can also here contact each other is you need a ride or if you have an extra seat in your car..

You are also more than welcome to contact me for all the questions you may have...

Adress : Frejas Sal, Snagestræde 1, Frellesvig, 5953 Tranekær

Time to see the Light you are !