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Artwork by Talasi Janinna

Leadership of Light School 

Leadership of Light School

A 13 month

Inner Lightship Adventure


May 2020

With Love 


7th to 10th of May 2020

Leadership of Light  

Adventure Training

"Leadership of Light Adventure Training” 

is a journey, into your own inner Leadership of Light, 

birthing in April 2020   

at  “ Living Heart Sanctuary” 

Frejas Sal on Langeland.


Leaders of Light,

it is time to say yes to your beautiful heart

and to share it with the world.

We are called to wake up, and step up, and to truly do the

heart-work, our souls came to Earth to do.


“ Leadership of Light Adventure Training”, is a one year process, 

in support, wisdom and inspiration

exactly for you, who long to live a conscious life in service of 

Love, Light, Transformation and

Healing on Earth. 


You do not need to be perfect, or “have it all together”  to

be a Leader of Light, on Earth .


This is all about loving ourselves in all our perfect imperfect humanness , and still claim and allow our light to make a difference in the world,

Just by being who we are :


A Masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously … !


 A Warrior of the Heart, no matter what …………..!


The Circle Of Love​: A Sacred Container

The Leadership of Light is a journey for the brave. We will all have taken many courageous steps before coming together, and yet this journey holds a deeper invitation still: The one year we are going to spend together will take us into yet unknown territories of our true, creative soul's expression - of our inner leadership.
It brings to our collective attention the little secrets we have stowed away and wrapped up in guilt and shame - so that we may love them and give them light, and finally find our peace with them, one at a time.


This kind of work requires a sacred container, and we call it: The Circle of Love. It consists of dedication, wisdom, courage, friendship, support, creativity, privacy and authentic self-expression. Throughout the journey, it expands through prayer and devotion, for the simple reason that prayer and devotion are the highest kind of medicine known to man.

A Divine Point Of Entry

The Circle of Love allows us to bear witness to everything that is, and transform it with love. It is the prerequisite for feeling safe in entering into this sacred work. It is the divine entry point of our journey, and that which will carry us all the way into true Leadership of Light. 

Let us be

Leaders of Light

Let us explore with the power of love, and venture deep into our core. What are the hopes and dreams you carry within for a brighter world? What are your strengths and wonderful gifts that will turn those dreams into a new reality, for you and the world around you - right now? What does it mean, what does it take for you to be a Leader of Light?


Let us come together and explore what it means to be an everyday-, human ambassador of a bright and loving world. Like a great and graceful artist of life, let us dance and sing and laugh and play and paint and walk and share!


Let us do everything that feeds the soul and makes us happy; let us remember the magic of being a soulful human. Let us be Leaders of Light.


Let us find the courage 

Let us embrace our shadows so that once and for all, they too ‘come home’. Let us embrace our deepest wounds with the power of love - for the sake of our own hearts, and for the hearts of all. Let us support each other in facing our fears with tenderness and sweet forgiveness.


Let us be Leaders of Light.


And let us hold space for each other to birth ourselves as the guardians of the world we know in our hearts to be true. A world of compassion, forgiveness, wisdom and love. Let us create a space for us to act as symbolic midwives, assisting each other in rising from the ashes, and into the power of love.


Let us be Leaders of Light.




You are a Leader of Light. You are an ambassador for a greater life on Earth. You are a warrior of the heart. But above all, you are the most magnificent human being.

The Historic Danish Countryside: 8 Lovely Retreats

The Leadership of Light Adventure Training is set in the land of fairy tales. For every guiding theme, we will retreat to the lush and beautiful countryside of Hans Christian Andersen's Denmark - to the island of Langeland. Here, we are going to dive into the wisdom of our topics on a beautiful piece of wild land, near the beach of the Baltic Sea, surrounded by the tall and stoic trees that whisper stories of ancient strength and magnificence in the wind.


Retreat Address

Living Heart Sanctuary
"Frejas Sal"

Snagestræde 1

5953 Tranekær


Retreat Dates

Throughout the 12 months of our adventure, we are going to meet for a total of 8 retreats - one for every guiding theme.

The dates are as follows:

coming up

On the first day of the retreat, we meet at 4pm CET. Retreats end at approximately 3pm of the last day.

For every retreat, there will be singing, dancing, walks in nature, meditation, yoga, prayers, circle sharings 

- and occasionally, inspiring guest teachers.

This could easily be

the best time of your life.

You choose.

We are the living hearts that connect.

Fearlessly, gracefully, no questions asked

A Sacred Online Space For Bi-Montly Connections

For the sake of "keeping the fire alive" and nurturing our sacred work, we are going to connect via Zoom, an online video conference room, in-between retreats. These meetings, which will be held every two weeks, are just as essential to the journey as the physical retreats. They will serve as an online teaching space, as well as give us the wonderful opportunity to share and reflect on what it means to be a Leader of Light in the grittiness of everyday life.

We will be meeting online 




Shared & Private Accommodation

The beautiful Frejas Sal offers different types of accommodation, and prices for the Leadership of Light Adventure vary accordingly. You can choose between​ the communal sleeping areas, a shared accommodation with two and three single beds, or a private bedroom with a single bed (limited availability on a first-come, first-serve basis).

Below are the rates for each of 8 Weekend Retreats with the different types of accommodation:

DKK 3,000 with communal accommodation 

DKK 3,200 with shared accommodation

DKK 3,400 with private accommodation

In addition there will be a fee on

DKK 150 for each Zoom call - approximately 2 per month.


One of the weekends will be a longer stay - around five days during summer

w/ extra food and accommodation fee.


If you wish to set up a payment plan, please contact

Janinna Talasi




To reserve your spot, you need first of all a personal talk with Janinna Talasi . If we agree to work together you pay a non- refundable deposit of one month fee.  

When you decide to be onboard this heroes journey - You will receive a Welcome letter with practical details. 



A 12-Month Inner Leadership Adventure Beginning


January 2020 

Leadership of Light is unfolding in an intimate co-creation with the Universe

Art by Deva Talasi


I have known this beautiful heart warrior goddess for 15 years and for me she is the most amazing teacher and guide to lead you into your hearts desires and calling, opening the path to your inner light. Not all is as what it seems when your are under her guidence, as she works from high heart intuition and divine light connection leading you to become a deep listener of your own inner wisdom. You will change, you will grow, you will glow and you will come home. Take the ride of the Leadership of Light School and become the light of your soul. ❤ 

The deeper you choose to love yourself,

the more magic life will bring you.